Fascinating Facts

pencils in a cup The most frequently requested merchandise are office supplies, maintenance items and janitorial products, such as Oreck vacuums.
papers on a printer The most expensive items ever donated were hundreds of Xerox color photocopiers. Each copier was valued at $10,000!
truck on the road The largest items ever donated include a semi-trailer, industrial underground pipe and dumpster-sized snow-melting machines that were equipped with Ford engines.
seed packets The smallest items ever donated include seeds and false eyelashes.
fish in aquarium The most unusual donations include items such as pork rind fishing bait, aquarium furniture, moose nutcrackers and vacuum packed frog and shark heads that were used by a high school Biology class.
warehouse with boxes The most significant donation ever made to NAEIR was never made available to our members. It’s our 10-acre warehouse in Galesburg, Illinois. It is the size of 11 football fields and is almost always packed with merchandise for our members.