How it Works

In a perfect world, companies would sell every item they manufacture. But, in reality, sometimes companies produce too much, orders are cancelled or models are discontinued. Any unsold merchandise piles up, takes up valuable warehouse space and costs a lot to store. So, to make room for new products, these companies donate their excess merchandise to NAEIR. Uncle Sam gives them a tax deduction and we give all the stuff to schools, churches and non-profits for FREE. NAEIR members can use all those extra supplies and tools to help teachers give better lessons, shelters take care of more people and churches provide more help for the needy. Everyone wins! When a donation shipment comes in to NAEIR’s warehouse in Galesburg, Illinois, the merchandise is sorted, organized and photographed for our website and catalogs. Each month our members receive NAEIR catalogs filled with all sorts of things they need to operate their organizations. Toys, clothes, books, office supplies, tools, toiletries, DVD’s, crafts…even things like copy machines and flat screen televisions! All the merchandise is FREE—members only pay a small fee to cover the cost of processing* and handling. On average, our members receive $18,000 worth of free merchandise each year**. Some of our Premier members are able to collect up to $40,000 in free products and supplies! There’s absolutely no limit on how much a member can request and we say, “The more the better!” *Some items in our catalogs even include free shipping! ** Based on published merchandise values.
If your handling fees are 25 to 50 dollars, processing fee is 7.50 dollars, If your handling fees are 50 to 100 dollars, processing fee is 14 dollars. If your handling fees are 100 to 200 dollars, processing fee is 26.50 dollars. If your handling fees are greater than 200 dollars, processing fee is 32 dollars.

Last revised October 17, 2022