Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Effective Date: September 21, 2006 (Updated May 22, 2017)

At NAEIR, we respect your concerns about privacy and want you to be confident that the information you provide will be secure. Following is a step-by-step process, explaining how the information that you provide will be used.

There are several areas on NAEIR’s website where information can be provided: the Membership Application, Teacher Application, Request Membership Info Kit, Donation Form, Request Donor Info Kit, Sharing Stories, and Contact Us.. The only information that we are collecting is demographic information so that we can provide you with additional information regarding NAEIR’s program.

After completing the template and submitting your request, the information is entered into NAEIR’s database.

The demographic information you provide is entered into a proprietary database that can only be accessed by NAEIR employees. To access the database the employee must use a unique login I.D. and the information will be used to generate letters and mailing envelopes to provide you with the additional information about NAEIR that you have requested.

In addition, the software encryption mechanism SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used to protect personal identifiable information that is collected by the organization.

Your record will be stored in our database for possible future mailings from NAEIR, but you will only receive mailings from NAEIR. We do not sell or give information to anyone. We also do not allow third party advertising on our website and we have only one link available through our website, which is to so that interested visitors to our website can find out more information about NAEIR.

Should you wish to change any of the information that you have provided, please call NAEIR and speak with either a Membership Representative or a Corporate Relations Representative at (800) 562-0955 (press 2 to speak with a Membership Representative or press 1 to speak with a Corporate Relations Representative).