Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week

We appreciate teachers so much that we have created a program where teachers can receive classroom supplies for next to nothing! It’s a FREE MEMBERSHIP program called NAEIR’s Teacher’s Program.

“Thank you” to Free Educational Resources for allowing us to join in the celebration of Teacher’s Appreciation Week through

NAEIR is a nonprofit organization that collects excess inventory from companies across the United States. We typically receive around $80,000,000 worth of product each year. Our mission is to re-distribute this merchandise to teachers, schools, churches and nonprofit organizations.

That’s where you come in . . . we started a program to provide teachers with classroom supplies at next to nothing charges. We have over 45,000 teachers in the program and are adding hundreds each week. We are happy to be supporting teachers throughout the United States. Our goal is to help as many teachers as we can.

If you’re not already a member of the program, check out the Teacher’s Program Facebook Group Page to find out the fun you are missing out on. You’ll quickly get an idea of what the program’s all about:

If this looks like something for you, check out the products currently available on the NAEIR Shopping Site. Teacher’s Program members can request product available under all of the different icons with the exceptions, of Big Book and Express:

educational supplies logo

If you’re ready to join, all you have to do is complete and submit the Registration Form found on NAEIR’s Home page:; within a few days you will receive an Invitation Email to create your Username and Password. After that, you will be ready to start requesting supplies for your classroom and paying next to nothing for all the great stuff available. Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

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