Naeir President and Dan Rutherford

From left to right – NAEIR President & CEO and Treasurer Dan Rutherford touring NAEIR’s warehouse

“NAEIR’s warehouse and distribution center is a lot bigger than I thought it would be!”  Once Treasurer Rutherford and Gary C. Smith, NAEIR’s President & CEO made their way past the reception area and actually began the walk through NAEIR’s 450,000 square foot distribution facility, those were among the first words uttered by the Treasurer; now also a candidate for Illinois governor.  

While Treasurer Rutherford expressed his concern regarding Illinois’ economy and the need for jobs as it relates to businesses in the State, his visit to NAEIR highlights the impact that the economic health of the State, good or bad, also has on nonprofits, schools, church organizations and teachers.  

Gary noted that “We’re (NAEIR) is ideally suited to address many of the material needs of nonprofits, schools and churches in the State of Illinois as well as the nation as a whole.  We serve as a particularly valuable resource to these cash-strapped groups in an increasingly difficult economy and in a State that has been especially hard hit over the past several years.”

ABOUT NAEIR:  NAEIR (National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources)  – Since NAEIR’s founding in 1977, it has collected and redistributed over $3 billion worth of new, donated supplies and equipment. Over 7,000 corporations across the United States have donated merchandise to NAEIR to support schools, nonprofits and charitable organizations and more recently, teachers – while at the same time taking advantage of tax deductions and reducing storage costs. NAEIR members gain access to that merchandise for free, and NAEIR handles sorting, processing, cataloguing and redistribution of the merchandise. NAEIR’s services to donating corporations are completely free.

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