Member Says NAEIR Trip is “An Incredible Story”

Recently, the Calhoons – Dee and her husband Cal, representing Trinity Church of the Nazarene – a NAEIR member in Independence, Missouri, made the six hour drive to NAEIR in Galesburg, IL. Their mission was to pick up their Catalog allocation and spend some time in Grab Bag the following day so as to capitalize on their visit and fill up their truck with any additional product.

Things didn’t exactly work out as they’d expected.  Upon arriving at Galesburg’s Fairfield Inn, their pick-up’s fuel pump went out on them.  It being late in the day Monday, there wasn’t much they could do but wait until the following morning.

What transpired following their fuel pump’s demise is telling.  Dee and Cal of course, were very likely not happy with what had just taken place but did the best they could under the circumstances.  It’s probably safe to say that their spirits were lifted some by the encouragement they received along the way from a few NAEIR employees.

Dee & Cal Calhoon, Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Independence, MOFirst thing Tuesday, they contacted Yemm Auto; one of Galesburg’s dealerships.  Their repair shop began work on Dee and Cal’s vehicle and arranged for a free shuttle that would drop them off at the NAEIR facility.

The pick-up mishap didn’t get in the way of their primary mission.  Dee and Cal were able to take full advantage of their time at NAEIR.  Along with their Catalog allocation they were able to go through Grab Bag picking out some useful items they would later be able to take back with them to Independence.

As Dee and Cal still had to wait for the work to be done on their vehicle, Steve Adams, NAEIR’s Grab Bag Supervisor, escorted them over to the office area and introduced them to Lindsay Schisler their Member Advocate.  Lindsay took Dee and Cal on a tour of NAEIR’s offices and warehouse.   Not too long after their tour, while waiting at a picnic bench immediately outside of the Grab Bag area, their pick-up arrived in good working order.

True to form, Steve Adams and Rickey Bodenhamer, Picker-Packer/Processor helped load the trailer during what would normally be Rickey’s break time and well after Grab Bag’s normal operating hours.  Apparently Dee and Cal had pulled into Grab Bag fairly close to the noon hour and by the time their vehicle was returned to them at NAEIR, it was likely after 2PM.

Linda Dickerson, a representative of Trinity Church of the Nazarene, in a note to us shortly after Dee and Cal’s adventure expressed thanks for the efforts and selflessness evident among NAEIR’s employees.  This was particularly true in the case of Steve Adams, Rickey Bodenhamer and Lindsay Schisler, just a few of NAEIR’s “finest”.

Following is Linda’s note:

Subject: An incredible story


Linda Dickerson here from Trinity Church of the Nazarene.

We sent a couple with a truck and trailer down the road to Galesburg on Monday, April 16, 2012. Upon arriving at the Fairfield Inn just a few blocks from your warehouse, the fuel pump went out in the truck. You can only imagine how they felt when this happened.  A series of events happened next from a free shuttle over to the warehouse for “grab bag” as well as the gentleman who loaded the trailer on his break time.  Dee and Cal knew they pulled into the dock at nearly the final hour.  Rather than you or your organization turning them away, everyone pulled together to help deliver our order.  I wish I knew the man’s name who loaded their vehicle for them on his break.  He deserves a special hand shake and more for his kind, selfless service.

We along with Dee and Cal thank you for all of your kindness

Linda J. Dickerson

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