NAEIR Exhibits at IPA 2012 Principals Conference

Patti Woolsey, New Member Coordinator, Dawn Parton, Customer Service Representative and I attended the Illinois Principals Association 2012 Conference on Monday, October 22nd.  This was the one day that exhibitors were in attendance at the Peoria Civic Center as the remaining two days of the conference were devoted to professional development opportunities for an anticipated 600 plus attendees who came from all areas of Illinois.  

From left – Patti A. Woolsey and Dawn R. Parton with NAEIR Exhibit Display

NAEIR was among the eighty-six exhibitors at the conference.  We had about fifty people, mostly principals – stop by the booth and pick up information on NAEIR membership.  Those that stopped by the booth were given information on Basic membership as well as the Teacher’s Program.  Of course some of the discussions with interested attendees had to do with what type of inventory is donated to NAEIR and what kind of experience a school or school district might look forward to as a member.  

From left – Cruz A. Ramos and Dawn, NAEIR and a representative from The Markerboard People

A few members even dropped by to say hi and let us know how much their NAEIR membership means to them.

There were upwards of 600 principals that registered for the conference that IPA management attempted to drive to the booths through periodic announcements during the day, drawings and other incentives.  

Although the distance between the location of  break out sessions and other gatherings related to the conference proceedings might have, at certain times, reduced the number of those walking the exhibition hall, there were efforts on the part of IPA to promote traffic in the exhibit hall.  

In addition to the lunch hour, periods during the day during which exhibitors and attendees were able to mingle included an early morning breakfast opportunity as well as times after break out sessions later in the morning and during the afternoon.

Conference participants in attendance at the exhibit hall following a break out session

We were also able to leave over one hundred and seventy membership packets at a “resource table”  before leaving the Peoria Civic Center.   Hopefully, there will be some additional people that will pick these up and contact us regarding membership.

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