NAEIR President Gary C. Smith discusses Needs of Nonprofits, Schools & Small Business with Congresswoman Bustos

—– Cheri Bustos, in 7th Week as 17th District IL Congresswoman visits NAEIR before delivering Galesburg Chamber Keynote —–

Galesburg, Illinois – Thursday, February 21, 2013 – U.S. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos traveled to Galesburg, IL to visit NAEIR .
Gary C. Smith and Congresswoman Bustos

Gary C. Smith, NAEIR’s president & Congresswoman Bustos

The Congresswoman toured NAEIR’s facility accompanied by the organization’s president and CEO Gary C. Smith.  Ms. Bustos greeted and spoke with employees while walking through NAEIR’s offices and 450,000 square foot warehouse.  NAEIR is the first and leading organization of its kind in the U.S. and redistributes on average a hundred million dollars of products annually to deserving charities throughout the country.

Congresswoman Bustos and Mr. Smith discussed issues including the needs of the nation’s small businesses and charities.   Schools and teachers specifically are priorities for the Congresswoman and Mr. Smith alike. It’s not unusual that teachers often pay out-of-pocket for expensive classroom materials given the challenges facing state budgets nationally.  Illinois in particular has been especially hard hit over the past several years.

Mr. Smith proposed that “Our [NAEIR’s] service is ideally suited to address many of the material needs of schools in the 17th Congressional district, the State of Illinois and of course – the nation as a whole.”   Mr. Smith notes that, “…given NAEIR’s history of service and track record over the past 36 years, with thousands of schools, nonprofits and churches throughout the country, its recently launched Teacher’s Program directed to individual educators throughout the U.S. is a godsend to teachers providing them with access to free classroom supplies along with free shipping for affordable, nominal handling fees.”

Cheri Bustos rides Zappy

The Congresswoman takes a spin on a Zappy

Cheri Bustos meets with Naeir

Left to right, Gary C. Smith, NAEIR’s president, Congresswoman Bustos, Tim Randall, VP of Distribution & Paula R. DeJaynes, VP of Corporate Relations

On her website , the Congresswoman underscores “…the importance of well-equipped schools and well-prepared and well-paid teachers.”  She promises to “…work hard to support our public schools and expand educational opportunities for lifelong learning.”

ABOUT NAEIR:  NAEIR (National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources)  – a national nonprofit founded in 1977, receives donations of excess inventory and distributes this material to 13,000 charities throughout the U.S.  Members average $20,000 worth of free material over a year’s membership paying a nominal fee.  Products include office supplies and equipment, toys, sporting goods, educational supplies, consumer electronics, personal care products and a host of other items.  Companies realize an enhanced deduction on these donations.   

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