NAEIR Teacher’s Program Announced at Chamber Luncheon for New Teachers

Newly appointed Galesburg Area Chamber President Steven Brody

While at the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual New Teachers Luncheon,  I had the opportunity to talk about NAEIR as well as announce the imminent launch of NAEIR’s Teacher’s Program.  The program was formally launched Tuesday, August 14th, with direct registration effective immediately and ordering capabilities online expected no later than Friday, August 17th.  

Dr. Lori Sundberg, President of Carl Sandburg College

I announced the Teacher’s Program after providing everyone assembled with some background on NAEIR and our history of service to many of the greater Galesburg area’s  nonprofits, schools and churches as well as thousands of the nation’s charitable organizations over the years.  The announcement of the kick-off of the Teacher’s Program is especially exciting because this year marks NAEIR’s 35th Anniversary.

Dr. Lori Sundberg, President of Carl Sandburg College, was the keynote speaker during this year’s New Teachers’ luncheon held by the Galesburg Area Chamber of Commerce.  

 She spoke about the challenges that teachers currently face in contending with the rapid pace of  advances in technology in our society while having to manage typically limited financial resources.  Dr. Sundberg noted that in spite of these challenges teachers are well equipped to address them.  

There was also the introduction of the Chamber’s new President – Steven Brody and before him, some remarks and introductions by the Chamber Chairman Steve McKelvie.  Highlighting the event was the introduction of new teachers to the area representing the public school system, principally District 205, as well as Knox and Carl Sandburg Colleges and a few non-public schoool teachers as well – representing the Galesburg Christian School and the Fields Church among others.

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