New Features added to your NAEIR Membership

Now Available – Multiple Contacts

NAEIR members now have the ability to add multiple contacts at their organizations.

The new contacts will receive emails as product offers become available and will have the capability to submit requests for merchandise.  Catalogs will be sent to the primary contact only.  All merchandise and billing information will be sent to the address on file for the member organization.

The process is quick and easy.  Only the primary contact person has access to sign-up additional contacts.

Please follow the instructions below to add additional contacts.

1.  Log-In to the NAEIR Shopping Site using your Log-In ID and Password.  New Feature: As you Sign-In notice the  Sign-In Help options that are now available.

2.  Click on your name in the upper right hand corner under “Member Summary”.  This will bring up the current account information for your organization.  New Feature: You can also use this screen to Change Passwords, Change Email Addresses, and Change Security Questions.
3.  Click on “Contact Management” from the Tool Bar.  To add contacts for your organization click on the “Add Contact” button.   A Pop-Up box will appear called “New Contact Creation”. Simply fill in the requested information.   The new contact will need to provide their email address, phone number, and choose a login ID and password.   After the information is submitted, the new contact information will appear on your “Contact Management” screen.

You can add up to four additional contacts for your organization.

4.  As the primary contact person you control your organization’s NAEIR account and can change the additional contact’s “Active” status by simply clicking on the contact’s name.

When you’re adding contacts be sure to include people from the following areas of your organization:

Maintenance – NAEIR offers millions of dollars worth of maintenance equipment throughout our shopping site, plus big ticket items on NAEIR Express such as furnaces, flooring, water heaters . . . even ice melt that can save your school, church, or nonprofit organization thousands of dollars!

Activity Directors – These are typically your organization’s “Go-Getters”. With the wide variety of merchandise available and a little imagination, who knows how much your organization can save by using NAEIR while at the same time improving the lives of those your serve.

Purchasing – From office products to janitorial items, toys and games to personal care, craft items to budget stretching supplies, you never know what you are going to find and how much you can save using NAEIR as a primary source for your purchasing department. Before you purchase anything for your school, church or nonprofit organization . . . think of NAEIR first.

Click the   in the upper right hand corner of the page and log in 
to add Multiple Contacts now.

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