One Small Click for NAEIR Members…One Giant Step Toward Greater Security!

Beginning Friday, October 19th, you’ll see a simple but important change related to the log-in link that allows NAEIR members only to navigate NAEIR shopping pages –“One small click for members, one giant step toward greater security!”.

Previously, on the upper right hand corner of NAEIR’s website, members were able to log-in directly: 

Screen Shot Homepage

members will now go to the same location on NAEIR’s homepage, instead click on the words “Sign-In” … 

Screen Shot

…and will be taken to a unique webpage in order to plug in their username and password:

Screen Shot Login

Immediately after entering your log-in information, you’ll have access to NAEIR’s shopping pages.  That’s it!

NAEIR will continue to adopt measures that serve to enhance security while also striving to regularly improve the navigation and ease of use features of the site.  

Periodic changes to the NAEIR website will provide you as a NAEIR member with greater confidence as you shop the catalog pages to order products that your organization, school, church or classroom can use for the benefit of your constituents. 

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