Member Says NAEIR Trip is “An Incredible Story”

Dee & Cal Calhoon, Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Independence, MO

Recently, the Calhoons – Dee and her husband Cal, representing Trinity Church of the Nazarene – a NAEIR member in Independence, Missouri, made the six hour drive to NAEIR in Galesburg, IL. Their mission was to pick up their Catalog allocation and spend some time in Grab Bag the following day so as to capitalize…

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Grab Bag Revisited: A Tale of Two Schools

woman smiling at camera

Earlier this week I walked over to  NAEIR’s  Grab Bag area to meet with a couple of member organization representatives – that have different approaches to Grab Bag as well as different sets of needs from those members I interviewed in my Grab Bag 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 posts.  During this particular visit I talked…

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Grab Bag 3.0: “It’s Like Christmas Morning”

people standing in warehouse smiling at camera

Jonathan Eklof, an administrator at Truth Ministries (a collection of small churches in Minnesota that reaches out to about 200 low-income families to provide food and supplies), didn’t originally intend to visit Grab Bag on the day I was interviewing.  He had come to pick up a load of five pallets of garbage can liners…

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