Stylish in-kind donation from ZIPIT is zipping its way to Non Profits

blue zipit ZIPIT of Peabody, Massachusetts, which sells colorful and clever bags, backpacks and pencil boxes worldwide, has made its first gifts-in-kind donation to NAEIR, the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources ( NAEIR, in turn, will make those donated items available to civic organizations, churches, schools and other nonprofits without charge, helping them stretch their budgets and serve people of all ages.“ We knew were going to donate products this year, and because we had an unusually high number of items, we wanted to donate to an organization that could handle the large amount of units,” said Joseph Montana II, director of North American sales for Tel Aviv-based ZIPIT. “We try to select organizations that are focused on school age children, teachers and schools.” And that made ZIPIT the perfect partner for NAEIR, which counts many schools and teachers among its members. ZIPIT joins a long list of NAEIR donors, including such well-known brands as Sharpie, 3M and Crayola. NAEIR of Galesburg, Illinois, accepts companies’ in-kind donations of merchandise – usually excess, out-of-season or discontinued inventory. Qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits can then order what they need from NAEIR’s online catalog. They don’t pay for the merchandise itself, only a nominal handling/shipping fee. The bulk of ZIPIT’s donation was a wide assortment of its signature one-long-zipper products, prepackaged items that were left in inventory after they redesigned the product. Also included were some zippered backpacks, pouches and purses.“NAEIR came to us at the perfect time!” Montana said.“ We were delighted to receive this donation from ZIPIT,” said Gary C. Smith, president and CEO of NAEIR. “They are colorful and fun, and I’m sure schools will be excited to offer these supplies to students who need them.” ZIPIT heard about NAEIR from its warehouse, Customer First Service, which had received an information packet from NAEIR. “After reading about NAEIR’s purpose, we knew our products would be a perfect fit,” Montana said. “We are happy that NAEIR monitors the product and keeps the integrity of our brand, and at the same time helps others.” teal zipit with pens inside Children are usually surprised to see that ZIPIT pouches completely unzip to become one long zipper, Montana said. “This is ZIPIT’s desire when creating our items, as it sparks their imagination, which will inspire their creativity.” ZIPIT got its start in 2004, when an industrial design student challenged himself to transform a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional one. After a lot of trial and error, he hit upon the idea of a 3D pouch made up of one long 2D zipper. The product became available in the U.S. in 2009, and since then, ZIPIT products have received wide recognition, including a 2022 Creative Child Award. person wearing teal zipit over shoulderFounded in 1977, NAEIR gives away $100 million a year to schools, churches and other nonprofits, enabling them to stretch their budgets in an era of soaring inflation. Since its founding, NAEIR has received donations from more than 8,000 U.S. corporations and distributed more than $3 billion in products. To learn more about how NAEIR helps companies help their communities while alleviating inventory issues, visit, email Paula DeJaynes or call 800-562-0955.

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