Surefire Way To Lower Your Taxes and Get Free Puppies!

Donating excess inventory can get you an up to twice-cost federal tax deduction – that is, “if” you’re a C Corporation.  

If you’re not, you’ll want to support a federal bill that will accomplish just that –  allow you, as an S Corp or other type of small business , to get the same tax-saving deduction that C Corps already enjoy.   If you’re a private citizen or work for a nonprofit organization, school or church – stay with me for a minute.
We’re only 3 votes away from hitting the 700 mark on total responses, responses far and away – supportive of H.R. 2592!  

The more support we get for the bill, the greater the likelihood of its passage. It’s the only way of letting our Representatives on Capitol Hill know that we mean business.   Let’s shoot for the next high water mark — 1,000.!

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Go to (link no longer available) and click the support button.

If you’re a private citizen, you may be aware of the good work that NAEIR has done over the past 35 years in channeling $3 billion dollars worth of a wide variety of free stuff to deserving nonprofits, schools and churches throughout the U.S.  

Or perhaps through these organizations you or a member of your community may have even been a recipient of some of these free materials.  

Then again, you may be a small company that’s looked into donating but don’t see the tax benefit.  Maybe you’re waiting for your colleagues to do something about it?  Maybe they’re even wondering why you’re not doing anything about it.

What are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re a C Corp.  You’re already enjoying the up to twice-cost deduction.  Why do you need to do anything, right?  

Okay, I’ve got a question for you.  Where’s your sense of civic responsibility – your community-mindedness? 

What about your small business colleagues, your vendors or suppliers.  Those businesses that help you in turn stay in business; the ones you run into from time to time? Your sense of solidarity with your fellow business men and women?

Do something!

Go to (link no longer available) and click the support button.

By the way…I was kidding about the puppies.

If you’re a business and would like to donate to NAEIR, or if you’re a nonprofit, school or church and would like to learn more about the benefits of joining, please give us a call at (800)-562-0955 or visit our website at



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