You Have An Excess Inventory Problem? We Have A Solution!

The National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR) is a nonprofit 501( c ) (3) organization that has been in existence since 1977.  Thousands of companies have donated slow-moving, discontinued or overstocked merchandise since the founding of the organization.

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When a company donates product to NAEIR they not only clear out their warehouse to make room for new product, they also receive an up to twice-cost federal income-tax deduction.  In addition, the headaches that often accompany liquidating product can also be avoided.

Companies wanting to donate product to NAEIR submit a list with a brief description , quantities, retail value and packaging information to NAEIR’s Corporate Relations department.  

The proposed list is reviewed by a Donation Review Committee to ensure that the products being offered are member-preferred and as such generally conform to the needs of our membership base.  Also, there may be questions regarding the packaging, shelf-life (if applicable), and additional information requirements that may help us to better represent the products to our members.

girl in storage roomThe turnaround time on the review of a list takes place within 24 to 48 hours so that companies can begin to make arrangements quickly to ship the product to our centrally located warehouse in Galesburg, IL.

Once a proposal is accepted, an acceptance packet is emailed or faxed to the donor company and includes the acceptance letter, shipping information and a donation number.

Once the product is received as represented by the donor and in good condition, a tax letter is issued.  

All of the donations NAEIR receives are redistributed across the country to thousands of nonprofit organizations, schools and churches.  Our newly launched Teacher’s Program, directed to educators across the country also makes it possible  for them to save huge amounts of money on classroom supplies.

Right now, for many of you reading this, your company’s year end is rapidly approaching.  We’re ready to work with you on donations of excess or slow-moving inventory, whether it’s from returns, buy-backs, under-performing sku’s, off spec products, etc.

Remember, you can get an up to twice cost federal tax deduction and there’s no better time to take advantage of this than now!

Why not get a head start to see what you have available for donation. You’ll be helping yourself out, while helping NAEIR’s membership of 11,000 charities. 

man looking in boxBy the way…you’d be amazed at the variety of products we’ve accepted over the years so don’t assume we may not be able to work with your particular products.  Give us a call and talk to us ab0ut what you’ve got in mind. 

To find out more about donating excess inventory to NAEIR, call us at (800)-562-0955.  You can also email us at  and please visit us at  for more information on the benefits of donating inventory to NAEIR.

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