Our MEMBERS have been up to something…

And it’s something great! They’re out there everyday using free stuff from NAEIR to make other people’s lives a little better. That’s what EMPOWERING GENEROSITY is all about! So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or ingenious ideas for how to get the most out of NAEIR…or just that warm, fuzzy feeling...check out our Sharing Stories!

Sharing Stories From Our MEMBERS

Peoria Housing Authority

group of children standing by truck

NAEIR allows us to do something for our families we never thought possible.

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Northside Missionary Baptist Church

man standing in parking lot with large number of boxes around him

Without NAEIR we could not come close to the accomplishments achieved to this point. We are thankful to have this very important avenue available to us for our outreach ministry.

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The Breast Cancer Society

The breast cancer society

“Please know that you have offered more than goods and supplies for the patients we serve. In immeasurable ways, you have offered them hope!”

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Teen Round-Up

kids standing in lunch line

“The people in the warehouse are so friendly and help us get our trailer loaded for the long drive back to OK,” said Roxanne.

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Steele Elementary School

school gym full of product

“I assure you that this would not have happened without NAEIR.”

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Ebenezer Presbyterian Church

Kids sitting on stage with halo crafted headpieces

“Thank you NAEIR! Without you none of this would have been possible!”

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