Northside Missionary Baptist Church

man with boxesThe congregation of Northside Missionary Baptist Church has been using a ton of free merchandise from NAEIR to make a big difference in the South Pacific. They’re supporting a disabled American Veteran who has been serving the people of the Republic of Venautu for over 15 years. The church recently sent a 40-foot shipping container full of STUFF to Tanna Island—a place that has almost no running water or electricity. With the free merchandise from NAEIR, the church has been able to help provide school education for thousands of children, as well as supply small village medical clinics.

Pastor Warren Rainwater even wrote us to tell us how much he and his volunteers enjoyed their Grab Bag visit.

“We enjoyed meeting Lindsey, our Advocate and we now know her as not just a voice, but a real person,” he wrote. “We got everything loaded and nobody had to sit on a chair in the back! We should have had you come take a picture! … Without NAEIR we could not come close to the accomplishments achieved to this point. We are thankful to have this very important avenue available to us for our outreach ministry.”
–Pastor Warren Rainwater