The Breast Cancer Society

The Breast Cancer Society is known for its extensive funding for breast cancer research and education. But, the society also invests great resources in supporting the victims of breast cancer and their families. This is where NAEIR comes in. The Breast Cancer Society has been able to maintain an extensive program for procuring medicines, care items and medical supplies through NAEIR’s free merchandise program. They have also been able to assist breast cancer patients in emotional healing, thanks to the stationery products, crafts, toys and other goods from NAEIR. These things have helped enhance the emotional health of patients and their families.

“Thank you NAEIR for all that you have done and continue to do with assisting breast cancer patients,” writes Jodi Eaton, Commodities Administrator for the Breast Cancer Society. “Please know that you have offered more than goods and supplies for the patients we serve. In immeasurable ways, you have offered them hope!”