FAQS for Members

NAEIR’s Merchandise

  1. Is the merchandise really FREE?Yep. By law, we aren’t allowed to charge a penny for all the great products donated to NAEIR. You’ll only pay nominal processing & handling fees to cover our out-of-pocket costs to collect, sort, catalog, warehouse and distribute the donated goods. In most cases shipping is free with only a small processing fee for FedEx delivery. Shipping and handling fees help cover the cost of making NAEIR run efficiently and effectively. Learn more about our catalog options. ↑ Back to the top
  2. What products are available?There are no limits to what you’ll find in the NAEIR catalogs. All of the merchandise is donated, so the products offered are changing all of the time…. Our donors include companies like Crayola, Rubbermaid, 3M and American Greetings, just to name a few. There’s no guarantee you’ll find a specific item you’re looking for. However, you’ll find things like office supplies, tools, crafts, clothes, shoes, toys, toiletries, books, party décor… and our members find all sorts of creative ways to use them. But, no matter what it is, NAEIR’s merchandise is always brand-new, high quality stuff. No seconds, hand-me-downs or defective products. ↑ Back to the top
  3. Are there restrictions on how we can use merchandise received from NAEIR?All NAEIR merchandise must be used for care of the ill, needy, elderly or youth or to support the administration and maintenance of your organization. It cannot be sold, bartered or exchanged. If you have questions about the details of this requirement, don’t hesitate to contact a NAEIR Membership Advocate. ↑ Back to the top
  4. How do you determine the merchandise values listed in the catalog?The dollar value listed for items in the catalog is based on dollar values provided by the donor. These values usually represent a current published value for the item if purchased in a store or online. ↑ Back to the top

Shipping and Merchandise Requests

  1. How do I request free products?NAEIR products are available to request at all times through the NAEIR web site (Shop NAEIR) plus we issue several different catalogs throughout the year. You can learn more about them here. We also have an online catalog full of all sorts of great stuff. You can submit your requests online, by mail or fax. We cannot accept merchandise requests via phone. ↑ Back to the top
  2. Will I get everything I request from the Big Books (Premier members only)?Not necessarily. Remember, many of the items in our Big Book catalogs are available in limited quantities. We try to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at receiving the merchandise they request from the Big Book by using a sophisticated allocation system that randomly selects members throughout the catalog season to receive in-demand items. Please do not assume that you will receive everything you listed on your request form, even if they are Preferred Items. ↑ Back to the top
  3. Are there restrictions on how much merchandise I’m allowed to request?Nope. Request as much as you think you can use. ↑ Back to the top
  4. How will the merchandise be shipped?Most items are shipped via FedEx from our Galesburg, IL warehouse and in most cases, shipping is free with only a small processing fee for FedEx delivery. For Express items we negotiate the best possible shipping rates. ↑ Back to the top
  5. What if I want to pick up my requested items?If you choose to pick up your Express and/or Big Book merchandise at our Galesburg warehouse, you will be notified by email when your merchandise is ready for pick up. Items from Clearance, Best Values, Deal of the Day, Educational Supplies, Overstock and Specials are not available for pick up. Please remember that, if your organization Express and/or Big Book request is marked as a “pick-up” and you choose to have it shipped instead, there will be a $25 charge to re-pack merchandise for shipment. ↑ Back to the top
  6. What if I receive damaged items?We try to handle all merchandise with care, but accidents can happen. So, be sure to carefully inspect your boxes for obvious damage that may have occurred prior to delivery. ↑ Back to the top
  7. How do I pay for handling and shipping (where applicable)? When not paying by credit card, your merchandise will be sent to you prepaid by NAEIR and you will be invoiced for handling, processing, and shipping, where applicable at a later date. Please do not try to prepay shipping or handling charges. ↑ Back to the top
  8. Does NAEIR accept returns?It depends. If you would like to return merchandise for any reason, please contact a NAEIR Membership Advocate. NAEIR must be notified of the returns before they are sent. Members are responsible for all shipping costs. ↑ Back to the top
  9. What is the Grab Bag?Grab Bag is a special “shopping” extravaganza at the NAEIR warehouse in Galesburg, Illinois. You have 2 hours to collect as much stuff as you can fit on an industrial-sized shopping cart. ↑ Back to the top


  1. Who can join NAEIR?You must be affiliated with a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, school or church to qualify for NAEIR membership. This includes groups like charities, community organizations, government institutions, health facilities, retirement homes and more. Our members include nursing homes, safe houses, rehabilitation centers, after school programs, kids’ camps, churches, charitable clubs, overseas missions and many types of organizations. If that’s you, apply today! NAEIR offers different membership options to accommodate organizations of all sizes and budgets. ↑ Back to the top
  2. Does everyone in my organization need a membership?No. Generally, we issue one membership per organization. However, multiple contacts can be added for your organization (watch emails and catalogs for notices on how to add Multiple Contacts for your membership — not available to Teacher’s Program members). ↑ Back to the top
  3. What are my membership options?We offer two different membership levels: Basic and Premier (12 month, 10 month), and Teacher’s Program memberships. You can visit our Membership Levels on our website for more information regarding the Basic and Premier membership options. ↑ Back to the top
  4. What if I don’t like my membership?We’re so sure that you’ll benefit from your NAEIR membership that we offer a money-back guarantee to all our first year Premier Members. If you don’t receive at least twice the value of your membership fee in free merchandise, we’ll refund the cost of your membership or give you another year with NAEIR for free. ↑ Back to the top
  5. How do I renew my membership?A few months before the your membership anniversary date we will send you a renewal invoice, simply pay your invoice to continue your membership uninterrupted. ↑ Back to the top
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Have more questions about being a member?

Our Membership Representatives are here to help you get the most out of NAEIR. Just give us a call: (800-562-0955 ext. 2)