Little or big? We’ve got OPTIONS to fit your needs and budget.

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Premier Plan-Our Premier membership gives members full access to all of NAEIR’s catalogs, special offerings, online merchandise and big-ticket lottery items. It’s designed for midsize to large organizations with the ability to creatively use a variety of items to fill big needs and support their operations.

10-Month Premier-This membership option is ideal for schools that are not in session during the summer.

Tiered Plan-This discounted membership is for organizations with multiple locations, branches or departments. To qualify, you must have a regular 12-month Premier membership at your primary location. Additional locations pay only a $250 Annual Fee for all the benefits of a Premier membership. Contact a NAEIR Representative for more details.

Basic Plan-This convenient membership is ideal for small organizations looking for an easy way to stretch their budgets and support their operations with a little extra stuff.


The only thing better than all the free stuff at NAEIR is our service. Our friendly member representatives are happy to answer all your questions about NAEIR membership, merchandise requests and anything else you’ve been wondering about. Well, almost anything. Can’t call? Email us.

Is the merchandise really FREE?

Yep. By law, we aren’t allowed to charge a penny for all the great products donated to NAEIR. You’ll only pay a small handling fee and processing fees to cover our out-of-pocket costs to collect, sort, catalog, warehouse and distribute the donated goods. We even provide free shipping on Clearance, Best Values, Deal of the Day, Educational Supplies, Overstock and Specials merchandise. (There is a shipping charge for Big Book and Express requests, or you can pick up your order.)

Who can join?

You must be affiliated with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, school or church to qualify for NAEIR membership. This includes groups like charities, community organizations, government institutions, health facilities, retirement homes and more. You must also agree to use all merchandise for care of the ill, needy, elderly or minors. If that’s you, apply today!