Refer other nonprofits to NAEIR!.

NAEIR Ambassador Program

Earn a $250 Referral Reward for every organization that joins our Premier Membership.

No one knows the benefits of NAEIR better than loyal members like you. That’s why we created the NAEIR Referral Rewards Program.

When you sign up for our Referral Rewards Program, you become an “Ambassador” for NAEIR and can earn $250 cash Referral Reward for every nonprofit organization that joins as the result of your referral.

It’s easy, fun, and rewarding. And there’s no cost or obligation. Here’s how it works…

  • Discuss NAEIR’s Premier Membership with organizations in your area that could benefit from receiving free supplies and merchandise. This includes well-run schools, churches, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations like yours.
  • Encourage these organizations to join NAEIR as a Premier Member. You can help them sign up or they can sign up themselves. Using the Application Form under the NAEIR Referral Rewards program drop down box on the NAEIR home page. Or simply complete the application forms included with your referral kit and fax to (309)343-0583!
  • For each organization that enrolls as a result of your referral, you, your organization, or a person within your organization (your choice) will receive a Referral Reward check for $250. There is no limit on the number of organizations that you can sign up!

NAEIR takes pride in empowering generosity. And as a NAEIR Ambassador, you will play an active roll in this mission. You can help us spread the word about NAEIR’s Free product distribution program and assist your colleagues who are working every day to improve the lives of the ill, the needy and the young children they serve.

Join our Referral Rewards Program Today CALL 800-562-0955 ext. 334

Here are a few of our donors:

Creative Teaching Press
Louisville slugger
Dunkin Dounuts
Grainger Door
Office Depot
Paper Mate