State Senator Sullivan Visits NAEIR…Takes a ride on a “Zappy”

Recently, Illinois State Senator John Sullivan, representing the State’s 47th District arrived at NAEIR’s offices on a bright, albeit muggy morning.  He was greeted by Gary C. Smith, NAEIR’s President and CEO along with the organization’s executive staff.  
Senator Sullivan and Gary C. Smith

Left to right – Gary C. Smith, President & CEO, NAEIR, Tim L. Randall, VP of Distribution & Senator John Sullivan

While here, the Senator learned about NAEIR’s various membership programs including the “Big Book” catalog membership, Basic membership and the Teacher’s Program which will be launched in mid-August.  Senator Sullivan became aware of the variety of organizations represented across NAEIR’s 10,000 strong membership base as well as its national breadth.  

Although unfortunately, time didn’t permit him to see everyone, the Senator went the extra mile in introducing himself to many of the organization’s employees.   

The Senator toured NAEIR’s 450,000 sq foot warehouse and was clearly impressed with the variety and volume of product we have to offer our member nonprofits, schools and church organizations.   

Because higher education is one of  Senator Sullivan’s committee assignments, this is a matter of keen interest to him.  Gary mentioned the Teacher’s Program NAEIR will be launching in mid-August and asked that the Senator help in getting the word out. 

The Senator had an opportunity to liven things up when, without a lot of encouragement, he decided to try his hand at riding a “Zappy”, careering down the warehouse aisles and negotiating corners effortlessly at seemingly breakneck speed – a whopping 17 mph.  

Sullivan rides Zappy

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