FAQS for Donors


  1. What is NAEIR?
    NAEIR is the National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources. We are a non-profit organization that collects excess inventory from businesses and redistributes those goods to schools, churches and non-profit organizations across the country.
  2. Is the donation process time-consuming?
    Not at all! In most cases, we will email you an acceptance letter within 24 hours of receipt of your donation list.
  3. What are the benefits of donating merchandise to NAEIR?
    We can help you eliminate excess inventory, clear precious warehouse space, avoid hassles with liquidators, reduce storage costs, and focus on more profitable products. Best of all, you may qualify for a Federal income tax deduction worth up to twice your cost! Click here to find out more.
  4. What types of merchandise can be donated?
    Our 10-acre warehouse is equipped to handle thousands of different products, large and small, in almost any quantity. Upon approval NAEIR accepts underperforming SKUs, discontinued models or colors, seconds, buybacks, returns…virtually anything we think our members can use!
  5. How are donated goods distributed and controlled?
    We have created a computerized system to allocate all the merchandise we receive to thousands of non-profit organizations nationwide. We carefully track every item to make sure it goes where it will do the most good and that it is used for charitable purposes.
  6. What other companies have used NAEIR’s free inventory reduction service?
    We’ve worked with more than 8,000 business across America, including Microsoft, Gateway, Oreck, 3M, Rubbermaid, Gillette, and Xerox. And we’ve handled more than $3 billion in merchandise since 1977.
  7. Are there any fees for accepting donated inventory?
    NO. There are no fees of any kind. Our inventory reduction service is 100% FREE for all of our corporate donors.
  8. What is the first step in making a donation?
    Click here and tell us what you’d like to donate. Or if you prefer, call us toll-free at 1-800-562-0955. We’ll send you the paperwork and walk you through the quick, simple process step-by-step.